Nicholas (Nick) Swanson-Hysell

UC Berkeley Professor


Nick is a geologist at UC Berkeley, where he directs the Berkeley Paleomagnetism Lab. He completed his BA in Geology at Carleton College and received a PhD in Geoscience from Princeton University. His research is focused on testing hypotheses about the migrating positions of continents (paleogeography), changes to the surface environment (particularly planetary climate change), and the evolution of Earth's magnetic field. A major focus of this work is on the development of paleomagnetic data sets, often from stratigraphic sequences, that his group develops in a rigorous geologic context and utilizes to quantitatively constraining Earth’s long-term evolution. Nick thinks that interplay between paleogeography and Earth's long-term climate state from the time of Proterozoic Snowball Earth glaciation to the present-day is a fascinating topic that is ripe for progress through interdisciplinary collaboration such as this project. Nick also loves trail running, but isn’t as hardcore or accomplished as Becky.