September 2020: Publication of "Emergence of the Southeast Asian islands as a driver for Neogene cooling", Park et al. (2020).

Led by COOL Climate and Tectonics graduate student Yuem Park, and coauthored by several members of the FRES team along with collaborator Yves Goddéris, a new study proposing that the uplift and emergence of the Southeast Asian islands played a significant cool in cooling over the past 15 million years was published in PNAS on September 24th, 2020. 

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January 2020: Opening workshop and planning meeting.

Meeting of all involved parties at UC Santa Barbara. Included four days of sessions, including readings, talks, and chalk-board sessions with a goal of syncing our language with regard to weathering/weatherability, planning future projects, and coordinating future workshops. Although summer plans needed a raincheck, multiple fieldwork trips were planned and we coordinated how modelling will inform field projects (and vice versa).